Cryptaway is an HSM Gateway that provides to create a brand-independent Hardware Security Module (HSM) Cluster and use i t a t the highest efficiency. Cryptaway offers a user-friendly and simple management interface for key management and cryptographic operations while minimizing your operational loads. Cryptaway guarantees that all devices in the HSM Cluster will always operate at full performance without bottlenecks, when high performance is required.

  • Provides to create brand and model independent HSM cluster
    and to manage with optimum performance
  • With its modular and scalable architecture, it handles increasing process and performance needs without causing any operational load.
  • Provides to be under control to Secure Zone Events from HSM health data to load status, from user transactions to service situations.
  • Cryptaway supports international standards, which are frequently used in applications, and helps to move these applications to the Secure Zone with easy integrations.

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  • With its scalable architecture, it is possible to manage an unlimited number of HSMs.
  • Unlimited applications, unlimited number of HSMs with all key management and
    it manages its cryptographic operations in a stable manner.
  • By working like HSM Gateway and HSM Load Balancer, applications need Balanced ransactions in the correct
    HSMs and in the isolated segments of these
    HSMs way it gets done.
  • Version management of HSMs is under control with Cryptaway.
  • Operating system independent.
  • With its modular micro-service architecture, it can be easily scaled and customized according to needs.
  • Simplifies management with its simple, user-friendly and mobile-friendly interface.
  • With event management, it allows instantly informed of the alarm, warning and
    information messages in the Secure Zone (via interface notifications, E-Mail and SMS).
  • With the time stamped logging mechanism spread throughout the entire
    system helps to solve unexpected events (anomaly).
  • With layered authorization management, it works to minimize human based error.
  • Suitable for all virtual platforms due to container technology.

Users in Need

  • Businesses that want to get rid of HSM brand addiction

  • Institutions and organizations that have low performance in cryptological
    transactions despite they have many number of HSMs

  • Institutions and organizations that want to provide Key Management
    and Cryptographyy as a service operations

  • Institutions and organizations that want to provide
    Key Management and Cryptology as a service

  • Technology providers who want to provide HSM as a Service for
    every scale of customers by creating an HSM Cluster

  • IT and digital security leaders who want to control the entire process
    from endpoint applications to HSM transactions in healthy

  • IT and Digital Security experts who want to perform key management, cryptographic operations,
    even simple definitions in modern and user-friendly
    interfaces instead of traditional methods.

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