People and Culture

People and Culture

Raise Awareness in the Digital Security Field!

As a part of the digital security vision of Procenne, Turkey's first commercial HSM manufacturer, you can contact us to join one of our many expert teams, such as digital design, embedded software, electronic design, manufacturing, mobile software, product management, project management, marketing, business development, and sales, as part of Procenne's digital security vision as Turkey's first commercial HSM manufacturer.

Thousands of digital attacks happen every day throughout the world. It has become almost impossible not to become a target of these malicious people's digital attacks. Individual and organizational data can be acquired by third parties and used for malicious purposes. In the scope of the digital transformation process, which is a big step taken globally, data security has become as vital as locking your door at home, keeping your money in safe boxes, and protecting your assets. Since 2013, the Procenne team has been taking significant steps forward in digital security, and we are on our way to becoming a worldwide ecole that represents our country.

Available Positions

We would like to see you join us for your dream career in today's informatics world, where the importance of digital security and the necessity for experienced human assets is increasing day by day.

  • Creating value for humanity in a corporate culture dominated by respect and team spirit,
  • Transforming the potential and the prior experiences into success within a culture of cooperation and trust.
  • Working in a development-oriented atmosphere with professional satisfaction and peace,
  • Working outcomes are seen as significant, minutes are not calculated during working hours.
  • Finding an opportunity to participate in decision-making processes in internal social networks, where you will be able to design your own experience,
  • Above all, we invite all professionals to Procenne who want to feel “valuable.”

You can be one of the Procenne employees that are passionate about their work! Procenne is with you to leave your mark in your business life, at every step of your career! To learn more about Procenne current job postings, you can follow our Linkedin page here .

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Contact us for information and support about Procenne products and solutions. Our authorized unit will contact you as soon as possible.

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