Fully Protect Your Mobile Apps!

EndCrypt is a security solution implemented within the application (instead of the network or the operating system) to make it more resistant to attacks. It is a ready-to-use SDK to embed within a mobile application to secure it from environmantal threats.

EndCrypt provides a broad range of patented security capabilities to protect applications by preventing reverse engineering techniques via code obfuscation and anti-repackaging technology. It actively detects malicious key logging, screen readrers, repackaged applications, debuggers and emulators, and jailbroken or rooted devices. It blocks foreign code from executing or shuts down the application to protect sensitive data from cybercriminals.

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Why EndCrypt?

  • Protects confidential and secret customer data and builds customer confidence.
  • Protects sensitive data from leaks, keeps data secure.
  • Stands up against growing external threads, such as hacking / cyber-attacks.
  • Meets the security requirements of data regulations.
  • Protects valuable app secrets, cryptographic keys.
  • Protects the brands' image & reputation, maintaining trust.

Operate Either
SoftHSM or HSM

Procenne, unlike its competitors, developed HSM-integrated in-app security solution “Procenne EndCrypt” to ensure your apps run securely by protecting against zero-day and other wide range of targeted attacks.

  • Deployable with SoftHSM or HSM.
  • Works with youe Legacy HSM in your company.
  • Protects static & dynamic keys and sensitive application data.

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