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In-app Protection

EndCrypt is a ready-to-use SDK embed directly within the application, instead of network or operating system, that dynamically protects your apps against zero-day and other types of targeted attacks, including but not limited to Malicious Data Exfiltration, Intrusion, Tampering, Reverse Engineering and so on.

Fast and Easy Integration

You can easily turn your applications into a self-protecting app! EndCrypt is a powerful security technology that can easily be integrated into your mobile apps within hours. It provides an automated implementation process that removes the risk of human error and requires minimal to no specialist security knowledge.

Protect Sensitive Data

All apps store sensitive data such as logins, sessions, credentials, keys, passwords and a lot more that must be protected. Once a threat to the data exists, EndCrypt blocks foreign code from executing or shuts down the application to protect sensitive data from cybercriminals.

Attestation and Monitoring

EndCrypt is responsible for monitoring the system's health and operational status, such as; Root Check, Hook Check, APK Check, File Check etc. Real-time Threat Monitoring platform gives you visibility into the actual threats facing your app in real time.

How It Works?


  • Code Obfuscation
  • White-box Cryptography
  • Resource Encryption
  • Device App Binding
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Man-in-the-middle (MITM)
  • Runtime App Self Protection
  • Clickjacking Protection
  • Code Injection


  • Emulation Detection
  • Debugging Detection
  • Privilege Escalation Detection
    • Jailbreak / Root Detection
  • Fingerprinting
  • Malware Detection
  • Repackaging Detection
  • Cloning of the Device
  • Anti-tampering
  • Hook Detection
  • Overlay Detection
  • Anti-bot

Pro-actiive Response

  • Anti-screenshot Check
  • Integrity Checks
  • Anti-keylogging
  • Risk Analysis / Attack Telemetry

Application Management

  • HSM Integration
  • Secure Key Storage
  • Secure Channel
  • Stored Sensitive Data Protection
  • Temporary Sensitive Data Protection
  • Attestation and Monitoring
  • Installation Certificate Check
  • Encrypted Database
  • Installation Source Check
  • Secure Libraries Usage
  • Key Management System
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM)

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