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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of communication in which physical objects are connected to each other or to larger systems.

It is applied in smart cities, smart environments, smart homes, supply chains, smart agriculture, and many more. For example, in an intelligent traffic system, by constantly transmitting the positions of the people in the traffic to a central system, the system can analyze the movement information of the people and determine the traffic density in the region, the flow rate of the traffic, and the estimated arrival time on a certain route. In this way, people who will be new to traffic can choose alternative routes according to the traffic density.

At this point, the example given above can work great for a completely safe IoT system. If the necessary security measures are not taken, this data can be obtained by any cyber-attack and even misleading can be done to people through applications.

Consider a public power plant in your country that uses the IoT system, which has been developed to monitor the parameters such as the heat and harmful gases of the livestock and animal environments. If you cannot take necessary security precautions at the endpoints, the parameters may make different directions as a result of any cyber-attack and as a result, the relevant public institution may suffer a high amount of damage.

As IoT devices are used in every area of our lives, it is equally important to ensure the safety of these devices. Devices must be encrypted, and sensitive information must be inaccessible to third parties. EndCrypt, a product of Procenne, provides secure data transfer and secure data usage thanks to its end-to-end encryption feature. EndCrypt ensures the security of applications used at home or workplace and makes the communication of IoT devices secure.

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