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e-Invoice is a form of electronic invoice that prepared electronically and not printed. e-Invoice was decided to be implemented on March 5, 2010, to prevent the informal economy and protect the environment. In this perspective, it has become mandatory to use e-Invoice for all enterprises whose annual turnover equals or exceeds 5 million Turkish Lira.

HSM is used in e-invoice signing and verification processes to ensure that transactions are secure and the performance of transactions to be made fast in very high numbers. While a software written especially for verification purposes for e-Invoice system can perform 10 verification operations per second, it is possible to reach 3.000 verification operations per second with Procenne ProCrypt HSM.

Regulations are mandatory for every company and institution that uses electronic invoices to perform verification services in a safe environment or through secure devices (such as USB Token or HSM) or to provide them from companies that provide these services. 


Electronic signature identifies electronic data that is added to another electronic data or has a logical connection to the electronic data and is used for authentication purposes. It consists of letters, characters, or symbols that guarantee that information is transmitted in an environment that is not accessible to third parties, without compromising its integrity and verifying the identity of parties. Signature generation tools refer to software or hardware used to create electronic signatures. In the Law No. 5070, "secure" electronic signature creation tools are mentioned and the following features are required:

  • E-signature creation data does not have a duplicate among themselves,
  • Ensuring that the registered data used to create electronic signatures cannot be extracted in any way and that its confidentiality is protected.
  • Ensuring that the registered data used to create electronic signatures cannot be obtained, used by third parties and protected against counterfeiting,
  • Outside of the signature owner, the data to be signed cannot be modified and this data can be viewed by the signatory before the signature is created. As the manufacturer of ProCrypt Hardware Security Module (HSM), Procenne, which meets the conditions specified in the legislation, is a solution in Electronic Signature Infrastructures, but it is a necessary factor in terms of security.


e-Mail Security

Unless particular security protocols are followed before sending e-mails, they arrive at their destination completely unprotected. Because of the internet's structure, electronic mail sent from a computer goes via numerous servers before reaching the intended recipient, and this procedure is entirely transparent and readable.

At this stage, there are a few options for ensuring security:

The e-mail certificate can be used to sign messages electronically. In this way, recipents can easily distinguish whether the messages actually come from you or not, since you can only send your messages with your own electronic signature. The electronic signature, also known as a digital signature, also provides information on whether the message has been changed on the way when it is delivered to the recipient. Encryption and digital signing takes place securely with ProCrypt HSM for qualified certification.


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