ProCrypt HSM

ProCrypt HSM is a hardware security module that offers a high level of security and performance in banking transactions, digital transformation projects and general data protection.

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EndCrypt is an In-app protection product based on Whitebox technology that secures data on endpoints such as mobile phones, tablets, personal computers and IoT devices. EndCrypt allows cryptographic operations to be performed without revealing confidential information such as a key.

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e-Correspondance with ProCrypt HSM Is Now Easier

Procenne, with the solutions it offers in the transition to e-Correspondence 2.0, you can send your documents safely, quickly and ensures that you sign correctly.

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Cryptaway is an HSM Gateway that provides to create a brand-independent Hardware Security Module (HSM) Cluster and use i t a t the highest efficiency. Cryptaway offers a user-friendly and simple management interface for key management and cryptographic operations while minimizing your operational loads. Cryptaway guarantees that all devices in the HSM Cluster will always operate at full performance without bottlenecks, when high performance is required.

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