BTHaber Interview of Our Product Director Kadir KUĞU

19 December 2019

THE POWER OF TRANSFORMATION DEPENDS ON AWARENESS ..."The digital borders of the countries extend to the point where the data reaches. The security of the data means digital border security in a sense." From the statement made by our Head of Product Management Mr. Kadir Kuğu for BThaber


ProCrypt KM-3000 HSM Crowned with an Award!

30 November 2019

PROCENNE, THE TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER OF THE YEAR AWARD... Procenne was awarded the "Technology Provider of the Year" with ProCrypt HSM in PSM Awards 2019, one of the industry's most prestigious awards


4th Public IT Summit Speech by Our CEO Resul YEŞİLYURT

14 November 2019

THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SHOULD BE A METAMORPHOSIS FOR US…A statement from our General Manager Resul Yeşilyurt's speech at the “Digital Transformation Through the Eyes of the Private Sector” panel directed by Cenk Şen at the 4th Public IT Summit…"The digital transformation process is a field in which the world works and develops technologies, not just us. While some countries have...