Digital Ecosystem is a distributed, adaptable, open socio-technical system with self-regulation, scalability and sustainability features inspired by natural ecosystems. The digital transformation process, which started worldwide with the developing technology, has brought the Ecosystem definition to a different dimension. Today's organizations are building digital ecosystems around their networks and lines of business that touch a range of other digital businesses, digital customers, and digital devices.

Procenne operating in the field of Digital Security; It has identified its habitat and niche in its ecosystem and is aware of its needs and other digital structures that it can touch. As a manufacturer company, we build our business strategy on mutual gains and we are making progress in the ecosystem where we are a supplier, realizing that we can become customers tomorrow.

Join the Digital Security Ecosystem

8 reasons to join Procenne Ecosystem;

  1. Detailed Information Sharing
  2. Opportunity to Create New Income Sources
  3. Decreasing Costs
  4. More Efficient Business Processes
  5. Business Line-Oriented Opportunity
  6. Wide Solution Network
  7. Comprehensive Customer Network
  8. Support in Business Development Process

As Procenne Team, contact us if you want to join the Digital Ecosystem we are involved in.


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Providing long-term consultancy, training and technical support services for other market players' intermediate software products, Soagen has created its own API Management Platform APINIZER as a solution by seeing the insufficiency and use of existing products. When INFOPARK invested in the product in 2018, APINIZER established PruvaSoft together with INFOPARK to better meet the needs of its products and focus more on the product and started to address an important customer base by proving the product itself in a short time.

Pruvasoft helps to overcome the most difficult and complex problems in creating, connecting and securing APIs. In summary, it helps digital transformation, provides safe and easy integration.

ARD Information Technologies

ARD SOFTWARE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, which is part of ARD GROUP HOLDING, operates in the fields of Software, Information Technologies, Communication and Telecommunications. Other fields of activity of the ARD GROUP HOLDING group of companies include many different sectors, primarily Defense, Health, Energy, Construction and Consultancy. ARD SOFTWARE AND INFORMATICS TECHNOLOGIES produces end-to-end software solutions in the fields of application of ever-evolving technologies.

Bilge SGT

BİLGE SGT offers tailored technology solutions and cyber security services to public and financial institutions with critical technology infrastructure and sensitive data.

With its trained and experienced staff, it offers its customers network and communication systems, data center solutions, attack simulations and vulnerability detection, malware detection and analysis, cyber threat intelligence and strategic cyber security consultancy. Bilge SGT is a technology company capable of carrying out research and development activities tailored to the needs of the institution and presenting the right solutions as a project.


Netsmart, is a 20 year-old IT service company providing projects and services that are managed with advanced technical support in every layer of Information Security (including Network, Data, Infrastructure, Industrial Control Systems (EKS) Security, Cyber ​​Security Operation and Threat Management Solutions and Business Continuity). Netsmart, which is the high level solution partner of many manufacturers and the leading practitioner in certain products and technologies, provides solutions and services to many large locals and companies in the top 500 in many sectors, primarily finance, healthcare, production, telecommunications, service and retail. supports the business of international corporate customers. Since 1999, considering the needs of its customers with the best products and technologies in the IT industry, it has been implementing information security projects with a team of experienced and certified consultants and senior engineers.

SBI Information Technologies

It is an IT, Technology and Innovation company that produces reliable solutions in developing technologies, especially the needs of public institutions. It takes its name from the initials of the words DEFENSE, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES and INNOVATION. It operates in the fields of integration, software development, cyber security and consultancy services as its main field of study. The primary goal of SBI informatics is to be the first company that comes to mind when "DATA" is mentioned, especially in its own country and in the region over time. For this purpose, they continue to work to provide end-to-end data solutions.

Verisoft Group

Verisoft is an agile software company with 30 years of experience in electronic payment systems. They have adapted to the evolving needs of the industry such as magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, NFC HCE and Android POS. It is a globalized company with its partner networks, among which companies such as SALES PERITIAS, VERITECH, THALES, GEMALTO and NCIPHER, in 32 countries and offices in 7 countries.