Developed in partnership with Procenne and PruvaSoft (Apinizer), ApiCrypt is a high performance, low latency, secure and scalable API Management Platform. The platform has two main components. These components consist of Apinizer, a product of PruvaSoft, and ProCrypt KM-3000 HSM, a product of Procenne.

With ApiCrypt, safe use, storage and transfer of your data is provided. In ApiCrypt Management Platform; While Apinizer provides manageability and traceability, ProCrypt ensures the security of all encryption and SSL termination.



  • Designed to be configurable easily and quickly.
  • Provides access and security control mechanisms via for APIs through virtual points.
  • It enables the organization's services to be accessed through virtual addresses and allows requests to pass through the APINIZER filter, while enabling virtualization of services and content control.


  • ProCrypt KM-3000 HSM enables high-speed data encryption, decryption and other encryption transactions with "hardware-based" encryption.
  • Thanks to its compact structure and scalable architecture, it can be used in business of all sizes.
  • Provides platform independent integration with the support of commonly used programming interfaces (APIs).

Requirements That Caused By Not Using ApiCrypt For API & Web Services

  • Unmanagable
  • Untraceable
  • Considering SSL offloading is secure
  • Sharing of digital data as unencrypted/plaintext
  • Leaving the firewall fully responsible for security

ApiCrypt Benefits And Characteristics

  • Offers a fully integrated solution rather than distributed and independent solutions
  • Contains proven products in the fields
  • Provides treaceable, manageable and secure services
  • Offers wide integration network and skills
  • Provides a fast and flexible solution for customer needs
  • Provides truly end-to end security
  • Highest Level of Hardware Security
  • WhiteBox Secure Library at Endpoints
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Endpoint / Client Authentication
  • Secure Channel Management
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Secure Data Usage
  • High Performance