General Overview

EndCrypt is an endpoint software security module that uses Whitebox technology to network endpoint software such as mobile phones, tablets, personal computers and IoT devices. With EndCrypt, cryptographic operations can be done without revealing confidential information such as keys.


Cryptographic transactions at endpoints where EndCrypt is not used, malicious people can predict key from the runtime, memory preview, or information within the application. EndCrypt generates keys with new custom codes and combines them with random numbers to eliminate predictability.

There is need for a centralized system for mobile applications and end-to-end communication to be fully secure. This central system; mobile application and user authentication, mobile application / whitebox root key management, peer-to-peer communication between applications to be the first connection and routing point. In the Secure Zone, key management and encryption are carried out with ProCrypt HSM (Hardware Security Module) produced by Procenne.





Benefits of EndCrypt

  • Support Android, IOS, Linux, Windows
  • High Security Without Additional Hardware at Endpoint
  • Over 1 Million Application Management at the Same Time
  • Endpoint Verification
  • Secure Channel Management
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Easy to Update
  • Custom Protocols Derived from International Algorithms
  • The Highest Level of Hardware Security in the Safe Zon

Endcrypt Usage Areas

  • Application Security Running on Phone, Tablet and Computer
  • Digital Authority Management
  • Content Protection
  • Software Application Running in The Cloud
  • Encryption on Smart Card
  • Mobile Payment on NFC-Enabled Smartphones With No Secure Elements
  • Secure Communication on IoT Devices
  • Secure Data Storeage at the Endpoint