Digital Security

Digital Security is the protection of software, hardware and stored data of digitally connected systems against digital attacks. Security in computer systems refers to both physical and digital security. Digital security measures taken by businesses are aimed at preventing unauthorized access to data centers and all devices connected to the network. Information security, designed to protect the privacy, integrity and availability of data, is a subset of Digital Security.

According to statistics, 700,000 unique cyber attacks occur every day in the world. Cyber attacks, which have been repeated quite a lot in recent years, have caused a great amount of damage to many people and institutions. If the necessary precautions are not taken in the digital world, you will become a vulnerable and open target against these attacks. At this point, with the rapidly growing technology, solutions offered in Digital Security; It is vital for individuals and institutions.34.jpeg

One of the most problematic elements of Digital Security is the constantly evolving nature of security risks and threats. Procenne is an R&D company established to ensure your security in the digital world.

Why Digital Security Matters?

Our assets in the digital world, that is, our data, are the main elements that need to be conscious at this point. Not to secure the data in the digital world; In our daily life, it is equivalent to not sharing concrete safety requirements such as sharing our vital needs, secrets, identity information, assets and personal earnings like this with good or malicious people we never knew, leaving the door of our home open, leaving our car in the middle of the street without locking it. Therefore, with the transformation process in advancing technology, Digital Security has become as important as life insurance and needs to be fulfilled. If the precautions are not taken, it is inevitable to encounter not only personal damages but also great losses as a society with smart systems brought by technology. To give an example of this issue, traffic lights have been hacked in Manhattan recently and many vehicles have been involved in the accident. Procenne is with you to secure the digital transformation process, to protect and raise awareness of the major disasters that may occur to public and institutions, and to draw a healthy, reliable and sheltered path from today to the future.

What Can Digital Security Prevent?

It also helps risk management as well as prevent possible violations in current trends in the Digital World such as major data breaches, identity theft, e-signature, fraud in e-invoice infrastructures, file / disk security violations, violations in payment systems, IoT violations, ransomware attacks.