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Awareness in the Digital Security Field

You can contact us to take part in expert teams in many fields such as digital design, embedded software, integration, product management, project management, business development, marketing and production within the scope of digital security vision of Procenne, Turkey's first commercial HSM manufacturer.

Countless digital attacks take place every day around the world. It has become almost impossible not to be the target of these digital attacks by malicious people. The data of individuals and organizations can be captured by third parties and used for malicious purposes. In the digital transformation process, which is a big step taken globally, data security has become as important as locking your door at home, keeping your money in safe boxes, and securing your valuables. We, as the Procenne team, have been taking firm steps forward in digital security since 2013.

We would like to see you in the Procenne family for your dream career in today's IT world, where the importance of digital security is increasing day by day and trained personnel are very valuable.