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Procenne produces "Simple, Stable and Secure" products and solutions for mobile application security, e-mail security, database and file security, KVKK (GDPR) infrastructure security, SSL termination and digital transformation projects in the field of digital security.

Established in 2013 headquartered in Istanbul, Procenne manufactures high-tech products that are critical in the digital security market. Procenne, which is also an R&D center, is the manufacturer of Turkey's first commercial Hardware Security Module, ProCrypt HSM device.

ProCrypt is a hardware security module that performs key management operations such as generating, storing and spreading keys used in encryption processes at high speed. The product, whose R&D studies started in 2013, became a commercial product in 2018 and received its international certificates, the Common Criteria EAL4+ certificate, in 2019 and PCI HSM V3.0 certificate in 2021. Procenne continues its R&D studies to add new members to the ProCrypt family, which is its locomotive product.


  • To secure boundaries in the boundaryless digital world.


  • In Digital Security area; being a global ecole who provides innovative, sustainable products and solutions with its founding values.

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